+Who are you ?

As I have mentioned in the About Page, I am working in Dubai, UAE currently with Shell in the IT Field. I want to make something that would free the internet from all the shackles and in turn further freedom of the internet.

+Why should I invest in this project ?

There are competitors who are trying to achieve the same function. Although they are hyping the project by saying they are Ethereum Based and powered by AI and what not. Ethereum is very slow and not agile to change according to the changing needs of the project. Use of AI is just sham, simple algorithm can decide network costs and placement of data. Although, AI can surely be used for other applications which would be fully supported. Also some are restricting who can or cannot host which isn't freedom for the masses. Here everyone can participate and earn from the network.

+What's the use of all this Decentralization ?

By decentralizing the storage and compute we are allowing people to host whatever they want and not be forced to close their operation just because someone doesn't like what they are doing. No firewall can do anything to stop it, no government can stop it, no hosting company can be subpoenaed, etc.

+How come such a low budget?

We are trying to get the bare minimum funding required to start the development along with marketing. Since the project will be open sourced immediately after launch, we would need to only do the bare minimum that is required to get it online. After that when the developer community builds the software they would be paid for their contributions through the use of the software by the user base.

+You don't have a whitepaper or business plan?

Actually there is a business plan, for which we will put a simple document to explain soon(June last week). Regarding Whitepaper we need the funds to create the Whitepaper in conjunction and with the advisory of blockchain developers.

+How can I trust you?

Firstly, we will use a publicly viewable source code ICO contract which can be reviewed. Secondly, we have already mentioned the details of the CEO’s Linkedin profile and also can be easily found on all the social networks who is sincerely involved in the project.

+Why No KYC?

The main tenet of the project is to make it accessible to everyone anonymously, so why should the funding requirements be any different? That's why we allow anyone who thinks there is a valid understandable issue this project resolves, then you are welcome to invest regardless of where you come from. Thus we don’t record your name, location, or ask any other identifiable information. All we need is your email and your ethereum address.

+How will the funds be used?

We have reserved 25000 tokens for people who refer people to our project, that would help us increase our visibility and possible sources of investment. Apart from that 5000 tokens are reserved to pay for the expenses to arrange everything including the website, ICO contract, marketing. After that the project will withdraw 10% of the investment every month for the development of the marketing, project documentation, social network media generation and finalizing the concept / algorithms that would be used for the project to use for the development of the platform.

+How will the tokens reserved for marketing be distributed?

We will distribute tokens based on how many people have registered and out of that how many people have invested at various levels.