I have always found the internet and technology surrounding it, very fascinating. I'm an Indian brought up in Abu Dhabi, have done Masters in Computer Science and done lots of reading into latest blockchain developments. From Encryption Techniques to Blockchain bloat to Use Case Scenarios and lots more..

I want to create an internet that cannot be blocked or monitored. Is provided by the community using the network. Developers are paid for their contributions in code widely used by users. Users are aware where their data is and be paid for sharing it. And can be set up even in adhoc situations so it can't be stopped.

Although, I am only doing a daytime job and haven't got enough funds to start development. I have approached two blockchain companies and their initial costing for ICO itself is $150,000 !!! Just for setting up an ICO, Marketing and legal costs aside !!

Therefore, I'm looking for some venture funding so that I can take the help of professional developers in the blockchain industry to realize this dream.



Dennis Menezes